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Member's Stories
Bonnie / Dallas, Texas, US.

                                                                     Before starting this meditation I was always searching. I wanted                                                                       to find who I was. I would read self-help books and tried                                                                                       different meditations. I kept going back to school because I                                                                                 thought that earning more degrees would be the answer. But                                                                             nothing worked until I found this. I picked up a brochure at my                                                                           local dry cleaners. After reading the brochure I knew                                                                                               immediately that I had to try this.

                                                                     The changes I’ve notice after the first level of practicing this                                                                               meditation was a sense of calmness. My stress level went down.                                                                       The noise level in my mind went down and I was able to focus.                                                                           When I was at home I used to think about work, and when I was                                                                       at work I used to think about my home life. Now when I’m at                                                                               work I only concentrate on work and when I’m at home I am able                                                                       to be present with my family at home.

The changes I’ve noticed after completing level two was that I didn’t get mad or annoyed at the drop of a hat. I didn’t realize that so many things bothered me. I made every issue much bigger than it was. Through the meditation I realized that all those things were inconsequential. Because of that realization I was happier and enjoyed being around people and doing more things.

The changes I’ve noticed after completing levels three and four is that I’m free of incessant thoughts. If I made a mistake or if someone said something that I thought was hurtful I would continually replay the drama over again in my mind. The meditation has opened my eyes to be able to see how much of the problems I thought I had were petty. I was a petty person. There is so much to live and be grateful for.

I am very grateful to have found this meditation.

Man (Meditating) 1.jpg
Alan / New York, Flushing, US.

                                                                 The world changed so much in such a short span of time. We have                                                                   multiple problems going on in the world and it’s affecting each of                                                                     our lives so deeply right now. In a very short span of time, we’ve                                                                         lost our jobs and our routines in life. We’ve been asked to stay                                                                           home from school or to work from home. It’s hard to feel                                                                                     comfortable going out to a restaurant or shopping. It’s all crazy                                                                         and it’s taking it’s toll on our collective emotional health and well-                                                                   being. Some feel financial stress. Some have anxiety about the                                                                         future. Some just can’t handle being cooped up in a tight space                                                                         with family. These are all the reasons why I started this                                                                                         meditation…

I’m really grateful that this meditation has helped me to relax about everything. After only a few online sessions, I started to see the world and my life a bit differently. Through this meditation method, I began to realize that I’d forgotten or taken for granted the love of people around me. I let go of the stress and worry. Meditating has been like emotional medicine for all the crises going on and calmed my busy mind. I was hesitant to start, but now I can’t imagine going without. My hope is that anybody who is suffering during this stressful time in the world will try this meditation and find out that they don’t have to live suffering in silence.

Father and son 2_edited.jpg
Daniel's Family / Austrailia

                                                                Daniel, Tradesman

                                                                Seven years ago, I reached breaking point. I was feeling the burden                                                                  of everyday pressures, including money, work and family, and was                                                                    not happy with my life.  I was achieving things that I thought                                                                              would  make me happy but all these things were adding stress. I                                                                      thought: “I’m not here to just worry and die.”

                                                                After starting the meditation, my life drastically changed for the                                                                      better. I just became happier, and happier.  You can learn to do it                                                                      even when your at work. Before I would get stressed, but now I am                                                                  in control of my mind…my mind isn’t controlling me and my                                                                                thoughts aren’t running away, making the suffering.  

Hayley, Mother

Prior to meditation, we had achieved everything, but still we were not content.  Everything we achieved together actually made things more stressful.  The meditation has helped me to self-reflect and be more in control of my life.

Our three children are also doing the meditation. They were initially skeptical to try meditation but now they enjoy it and want to meditate.  It’s a huge safety net for them.  The pressures they face in life, including sport, school and friends, are easier to manage now.  

Ireland (13 years old)

My brothers and I used to fight a lot but now that we all discard our minds about each other we now appreciate each other. My family enjoy doing things together and we are all much happier to be together.

Cassidy (11 years old)

I have become a lot calmer and less stressed from meditation. I used to not listen to my parents…now I can see all my thoughts, and the bad stuff I was doing.  Now my minds a lot clearer there’s a lot less stuff I’m worried about. If someone says something mean to me, I don’t worry.  I’ve been really happy now and have been doing my work really good.  

Evan (10 years old)
Before I meditated I was always getting into trouble and fights at school. I was so stubborn. I would feel jealous of what my friends had and I never appreciated what I had. 

Rosmery 2_edited.jpg
Rosmery Vega / Springfield, VA, US

                                                              This Meditation is the best way to reach happiness.

                                                              My name is Rosmery. I am originally from Bolivia, I have two girls (18                                                                and 15 years old) and one boy (9 years old). I am a single parent in                                                                    the process of divorcing. I found this Meditation pamphlet, and as                                                                    soon as I saw it, I was very interested. I did many things such as                                                                        taking therapy, getting involved in recovery groups, as well as                                                                            participating in anger management classes. Then, I experienced                                                                        meditation during yoga classes I had taken. I would experience                                                                          some kind of peace for a moment.

                                                              And I asked myself if I could live with that peace and happiness any longer. For so long, I was hiding my pain that I was tired of searching so I ended up taking medication for depression. The loss of many things including my marriage and being in a financial crisis – I was burdened the responsibility to raise my children by myself, but this wasn’t my plan.

I took medication for a while and seemed to work okay, but I did not like constantly feeling drowsy and numb like a zombie. It seemed as if my emotions were cut, deep inside, and things remained the same, but the sadness was overwhelming. One day, I decided not to take it anymore. I knew there was, or I wanted to believe there was a greater power elsewhere. I remember looking at a picture of Jesus and crying to help me. Oh God, I cried so much on my knees! I went crawling near the toilet to dump all of the medication inside and flushed it down.

I do believe now, that the Universe had a plan for me. The way to find the answers to many questions and the most important thing was to know that God was always there next to me. I am not searching anymore for anything.

I believe God handed me the pamphlet of this Meditation. I am so grateful for the method of throwing away memories, pictures, my relationships, and myself. My mind has changed to the infinite Universe mind. By letting go of all my attachments especially relationships, I can see a great difference and stay happy at all times. I can see with a different point of view that we all are one, by destroying the false world that I was living in for my whole life. I can see I carried pain and burdens for no reason. I had so much resentment and bitterness towards many people around me for the things that happened to me a long time ago. Meditation is a miracle to change everything that no medication, therapy, or any other thing will do.

I can’t explain the peace and happiness or even the tears that it used to have because of the pain, but now I have tears of joy, freedom and a great love and happiness for everything and everyone. Meditation has changed my mind completely to be one with the world and others – accept others as they are. I can better enjoy all of my relations with people, talk to them and love them – even those that I once believed had hurt me.

I learned to live in the present by destroying and throwing away the past pictures. This Meditation is the best place for one to reach happiness. We can all do this and we can all live this way, we can do it together. We can live in heaven while living. We can feel the joy in our hearts by being one with the Universe.

Please to everyone, I recommend you to do this meditation and let the Universe transform your life and stop living with pain and burdens from the past. My experience of doing meditation is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Things externally may still be the same situation, and troubles may happen, but I am not deceived anymore by them.

I am happy as things are – I do not need to change them, I do not have to try to control them. I have acceptance for everyone – even the people I was bothered by – without trying to change them or change myself.

This Meditation took away, the shame, guilt, pain, and suffering. I am no longer burdened by having to please everyone and then waiting to have something in return. We can all do that by coming together to do meditation and to be one with the world – the Universe.

Thank you Meditation for changing my mind to the True mind. Thank you for taking away all the false things around me. Thank you for changing my mind to the Universe mind.

Member's Testimonials

Member's Testimonials

Member's Testimonials
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Zach from Hollywood Sunset CA meditation - Meditation Story #meditation #guidedmeditation #woomyung

Zach from Hollywood Sunset CA meditation - Meditation Story #meditation #guidedmeditation #woomyung